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JET FS-1652H Foot Shear

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JET FS-1652H Foot Shear

Ideal for precision shearing of mild steel up to 16 gauge 
Two-way blade configuration provides twice the cutting life 
Upper blade is two-way; bottom blade is one-way 
2° angle cutting edge; 1° face relief 
Model Number FS-1652H 
Brand Jet 
Overall Dimensions 62-1/2 X 78-1/4 X 41-1/2 
Height 48 inch
Width 42 inch
Length 67 inch
Net Weight 1014 pound
Gross Weight 1089 pound
Shearing Length Capacity (in.) 52 
Front Gauge Capacity (in.) 28 
Mild Steel Capacity (Gauge) 16 
Back Gauge Capacity (in.) 30 


  • Model: 752652
  • Manufactured by: JET