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RAMS Rotary Machine

$6,995.00  $6,500.00
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The RAMS Rotary Machine was designed with all the operators needs in mind. They set out for perfection and thats exactly what they got. A endless number of exclusive features and componets make this rotary machine a great addtion to any fabrication shop. The unit is capable of 14 ga. mild steel.




  • Capacity: 14 Gauge Max Mild Steel
  • Electric Motor: 1/2 HP electric motor, 110-115V single phase

This machine is capable of producing Beading, Crimping, flanging and other specific functions. Aside from our competitors, the RAMS 2019 has several beneficial user friendly features, Including: A main switch and air regulator. An integrated roller storage system to house your more commonly used roll sets. A user Friendly Control panel allows “on the fly” pressure and speed adjustments. A unique square drive shaft that is stronger and eliminates the need for keyways. A time delay roller rotation can be adjusted to allow rollers to begin rotation prior to or after material contact. An easy adjustable oversized back gage. A full 12” throat depth with no interference. A pressure sensitive foot pedal allows the user to control the time it takes the rollers to contact the material.


  • Model: RAMS-2019
  • Manufactured by: RAMS Equipment